Three Days Lecture-Workshop on- ‘Chemistry-From Concept to Application

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Three Days Lecture-Workshop on- ‘Chemistry-From Concept to Application

News Briefing

Science Academies’ and department of chemistry, KBP College Vashi conducted a three Days Lecture-Workshop on- ‘Chemistry-From Concept to Application’ at the KBP College Vashi from 07/12/2017 to 9/12/2017 sponsored by Indian Academy of Sciences (Bengaluru), Indian National Science Academy (New Delhi) and the National Academy of Sciences, India (Allahabad)

Chief guest Dr. Ravindra Deshmukh focused on growing research culture at the graduation level among the students and need of such lecture series in colleges. Convener of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Saurav Pal (Director, IISER Kolkata) inaugurated the three day function. In his plenary lecture he emphasised upon need of motivated minds in field of scientific research. He also focused on learning of fundamentals during college days, his lecture covered history, development and applications of nanotechnology.

Prof. Dr. Krishna Kaliappan,(IIT,Bombay) briefed the students about history and development of Organic synthetic Chemistry & new routes in organic synthesis.

Prof. I.N.N. Namboothiri (IIT, Bombay) gave a lecture on fundamentals of stereochemistry and its role in designing new drugs.

Prof. Dr. C.S.Gopinath (NCl,Pune) discussed new techniques adopted worldwide in energy storage, new ways to harbour solar energy to produce hydrogen by splitting water molecules thereby increasing fuel efficiency and nanoscience involved in day to day life.

Prof. Dr. Nand Kishore discussed role of thermodynamics and Kinetics together in synthesizing new drugs and important chemical reactions in nature.

Prof. C.V.Ramana (CSIR-Chemical Laboratory, Pune) briefed the audience about the history of biomolecules from world war to the present times and role of natural products in drugs and their synthesis

Prof. Dr. Vidya Avsare (S.P.College, Pune) took a NMR spectroscopy sessions from fundamentals to problems solving sessions all three days.

240 Students from KBP College and 15 various colleges across the state enjoyed this lecture series as many important topics related to environment, synthesis of new molecules for drugs, applications of nanotechnology etc. were covered by the eminent scientists from science academies’  across India.

(Dr. Ravindra Deshmukh Addressing Students at KBP College Vashi on the eve of Three days-Lecture workshop.)


(Dr. Saurav Pal Director, IISER-Kolkata Addressing Students at KBP College Vashi on the eve of Three days-Lecture workshop.)



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