The institution has a centralized library, which is located at central place of the college campus and functions independently. The library has a well-ventilated and lighted reading-cum-stack room, ground floor for housing special collections, research reference section, periodical section, reprography section, processing section, Librarian cabin, and four counters stations for circulation. There are two reading rooms at first floor, one for girls’ students and other for boys’ students with circulation counter for reading room service.

Functions at Four Levels

  1. Research Reference, Journals & Text books Book-Bank Section (Ground Floor)
  2. Open Access Library System with Reading Facility (First Floor)
  3. Online / E-library Open to All (on College website: Central Library)
  4. Reading Rooms (Girls, Gr. Floor, women’s Hostel) Girls & Boys (3rd Floor, Library Building)


To get utmost access and use of library holdings management of the college has decided & established a new innovative Open Access Library system during academic year 2015-16. This new idea is taken from the British Council Library, Pune which expects creation of habits of reading in the mind of young students. This project is our ambition and optimum utilization of space in the library has successfully achieved. Learning the traditional organization of the store wells & selves, library has utilized complete space for storing the holding and producing healthy reading space with attractive personalized seating arrangement which is divided in Arts, Commerce, Science, IT/Computer Science sections & Free Internet Section. Organization of the store wells & selves in wooden furniture is made around the walls of the three halls and integrated porch of three halls with seven feet height. Remaining space in between the halls is utilized for personalized reading of students and teachers. They can use the resources in self mode.

To establish complete silence and utmost use of library holding, the library has formed some rules & regulations.
  • Working Hours – 8..00am to 6.00pm. Lunch Break from 1.30pm to 2.00pm
  • There are two doors at the entry point; one left for Entry and the right for exit.
  • After maximum use of Open Access Library System, the Library expects enhancement in your quality and merits in your examinations.
  • Present your ID card at counter and make an entry in the visit register as a OAL used record.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed. Switch off your mobile phones for keeping compete silence.
  • Leave your bags, books, files, notebooks at the counter and collect the token from there. Only blank papers for taking/writing notes are allowed to bring with you.
  • There are
    (1) Commerce, management, banking and biography sections. (2) Science section (3) Dr.Ambedkar, Dr. Kalam & Dr. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Books Gallery & Internet Section (4) Arts, humanities and social sciences section, (5) ICT, computer science and electronics section.
  • There are competitive examinations, general magazines and news papers in OAL for reading.
  • You are allowed to use any section for your study.
  • Library assistant of each section is for your guidance and help for using the OAL.
  • Keep silence. Do not speak or make noise in the OAL.
  • Write your feedback, suggestion and Brain Activity in the register and file put at counter.
  • Red paper labeled books is restricted for issuing. Use these books in the library only.
  • If you have any query, or demand of information/book, you can meet the Librarian.
  • There is provision of book recommendation forms for students and staff.
  • If you disobey the rules of OAL, you will not be allowed to use it.

Students, faculty & staff are taking benefits of this innovative & ideal facility with increasing number day by day.


  • The library is automated using indigenously developed MKCL’s Libreria: Library Management System, integrated software with OPAC and bar code technology. Library has completed the automation work of the library holdings and circulation is started with barcodes from last eight years. OPAC facility is made available at various stations and on library portal of college website for searching the books to students and faculty.
  • Air-conditioned server (IT Zone) with an IBM server. Twenty-nine computers are networked(LAN) with the server for accessing e-resources and library OPAC
  • Library has subscribed to INFLIBNET for N-List programme. It is database for more than three thousand e-journals of various subjects and more than eighty thousand eBooks.
  • Inter Library Loan Service(ILL) is established with British Council Library, Mumbai, Tata Institute of social science Library, Devanar and local Institute Libraries.
  • Institutional repository of our library contains college magazines, dissertations, theses, college seminar/workshop proceedings, research articles and books by the faculty, syllabi, question bank etc.
  • Reprographic service for both internal and external users
  • Book-Bank scheme for students
  • University of Mumbai B.C. Book-Bank Scheme


Online/e-library portal is established on college library website. i.e. There are more than 150 scholarly literature links which includes competitive examination Guidance, Employment Zone, Syllabus & question papers. Some important links are with their e-Resources:
  • World e-book - 25+ lacs
  • American library books - 23+ lacs
  • Canadian Library books -5+lacs
  • Community books -5+lacs
  • Digital library of India- 5+lacs
  • N-list -1+ lacs
  • Total e-Resources - 69,86,000+
  • More than sixteen thousand Journals are available on various subjects.
  • ICT and other tools deployed to provide maximum access to the library collection (28)
  • LAN Terminals in the Central Library 29
  • MKCL’s Libreria : Library Management System Software
  • Complete Computerized & Bar-coded Library
  • Web OPAC
  • Online /E-Library with hundreds of links on college website (69+lacs e-Resources)
  • Circulation of Books by Barcodes
  • Free Internet section for Faculty, Students (9 Nodes)
  • Use of Barcode Scanners
  • E-Books/ CD ROMS (1307)
  • Book-Bank Circulation Based On Barcodes
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Alumni Library Services
  • Senior Citizens Library Services
  • Membership of -
INFLIBNET N-List database, British Council Library Mumbai Tata Memorial Library, Mumbai
  • User Awareness Programme
  • Reprography
  • Content Pages
  • DDC Resources Arrangement
  • Bar-Coded ID Cards for Students & Faculty
Use of Mobile Computer
  • News Paper & Clippings
  • Free Internet
  • Demand slip system for books
  • Books Drop system for book return
  • Manuscripts
  • Inter Library loan
  • Bibliography of special subjects
  • Special services to visually/challenged persons
  • Yearly Feedback mechanism for betterment of library services
  • Reference and Consultation
  • Reading Room
Best Practices
  • Library Computerization: To cope with the automated environment and cater better service to users, computerization practice is maintained regularly
  • Open Access Library System(OALS): To achieve Optimum use of Space, Books, Time, Satisfactions and Security , college has established this innovative project. Hundreds of students are taking benefits and they are fully satisfied.
  • Service without days/class restriction: To get maximum access and happenings more reading library have withdrawn the restriction of time table of days/class.
  • Best reader award: To inspire and inculcate the reading habits in the mind of students this award is given on Prize Distribution Day yearly.
  • Book-Bank Scheme: For maximum study and saving time at the beginning of each semester a set of books is issued to needy students
  • Students feedback /suggestion :To cope up with needs of users, there is a provision of suggestion box and yearly separate library feedback system, library attends these procedures and makes improvements in functioning
  • Book Drop/ return system: To return books and to save time In pick hours, and when the library is closed, students  use this facility and they are happy.


SNSectionsNo. of Books
1Senior College40659
2Senior College Book-Bank32170
3Post Graduate3290
6News Papers Clippings114
7Bound Volume of Journals419
11Online e-booksMore than 69 Lacs
12Online e-JournalsMore than 16 thousand
13Bibliographies of special collection29

Central Library Journals / Periodicals

Rack-1General Science
1Current Science
2Resonance Jr. of Sci. Education - IAS
3Science Reporter
4Vigyan Prasar Dream 2047
5Rayat Vidnyan Patrika
1Bulletion of Calcutta Mathematical Science
2Indian Jr. of Pure & Applied Mathematics
3International Jr. of Mathematics Trends & Tech.
4Mathematics Today
5Proceedings(Math. Sci.)-IAS
6The Jr. of the Indian Mathematical Society
7The Jr. of the Ramanujan Mathe. Soc. INT
1Akshay-Urja(Marathi) Free
2Bulletin of Material Science-IAS
3Indian Jr. of Pure & Applied Physics - NISCAIR
4Jr. of Astrophysics and Astronomy -IAS
5Pramana-Jr. of Physics-IAS
1Indian Jr. of Chemistry(Sec-A) NISCAIR
2Indian Jr. of Chemistry(Sec-B) NISCAIR
3Jr. of Chemical Science-IAS
4Jr. of Indian Chemical Society
5Rasayan Jr. of Chemistry
6Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
1Asian Jr. of Microbiology, Biotech. & Env. Sci.
2Jr. of Biosciences-IAS
3Jr. of Genetics-IAS
4Indian Jr. of Biotechnology - NISCAIR
2Electronics For You
3PC Quest
4Sadhana (Eng. Sci.)-IAS
5The IUP Jr. of Computer Sciences
6The IUP Jr. of Information Technology
1Business India
2Capital Market
3Indian Jr. of Marketing
4IUP-Accounting Research & Audit Practices
5IUP-Applied finance
6IUP-Bank Management
Rack-8/1IUP-Brand Mgt.
2IUP-Business Strategy
3IUP-Case Folio
4IUP-Corporate Governance
5IUP-Effective Executive
6IUP-Entrepreneurship Development
Rack-9/1IUP-Fin. Risk Management
2IUP-Knowledge Mgt.
3IUP-Law Review
4IUP-Corporate Governance
5IUP- Marketing Management
6IUP-Operations Mgt.
Rack-10/1IUP-Organizational Behavior
2IUP-Soft Skills
3IUP-Supply Chain Mgt.
4The Chartered Accountant
5IUP -The Global Analysis
1Economic & Political Weekly
2Economic & Political Weekly
3Indian Jr. of Agricultural Economics
4IUP-Applied Economics
2Shikshan Sankraman
3University News
4Rayat Shikshan Patrika
1Asian Jr. Of English Studies
2Contemporary Discourse:A International Jr.
3IUP-English Studies.
4Reader's Digest
2India Today
3India Today Woman
4Down to Earth
5Modern Times
Rack-15Competitive Exam
1चाणक्य मंडल परिवार
2Comp. Success Review
3Employment News
4जनरल नॉलेज
5नोकरी मार्गदर्शन
Rack-16/1Pratiyogita Darpan
2स्पर्धा परीक्षा नोकरी संदर्भ
3यशाची परीक्रमा
5IUP - International Relations
6सत्यशोधक जागर
Rack-17General Marathi
3कामगार जगत
4प्रिय रसिक
5आरोग्य स्पंदन
6प्रबोधन प्रकाशन ज्योती
Rack-19/1यशस्वी उदयोजक
2सकाळ – तनिष्का
3सकाळ – प्रेमियर
1Psychology & Developing Societies
3Jr. of Earth System Science-IAS
5Annals of Library and Information Studies
5Desidoc Journal of Library & Information Science
5Phy. Edu.
5Sports Star
1College Magazine – K.B.P
2College Magazine – Rayat
3Other Periodicals / Magazines
4Book Catalogues

News Paper List

S.N.NewsPaper NameS.N.NewsPaper Name

Working Hours