Institutional Best Practices

1. Self-Development Programme in the Context of Spirituality- A Practical Approach

About Self Development Program: Value education is rooted in Indian philosophy and culture and ingrained in every tradition of Indian culture. In the current scenario of declining value system, educational institutes can play important role in re-instilling the common values amongst students to orient the progress and endorse the moral awareness for welfare of mankind. Therefore, the need for a consciously planned value education programme is obvious to establish formal learning.

The objectives of starting the Value Based   Education Programme are as listed below:

  • Development of proper attitudes, ethics and values like love, respect, cooperation, tolerance, large heartedness etc. amongst students
  • Guide students on self-development and self- management
  • Empower students to take proper decisions and make appropriate choices in challenging situations
  • Promote appropriate social conditioning and contribute in nation building
Initially the programme comprises of ten modules that are listed below-
  • Values
  • Ethics
  • Excellence
  • Choices We Make
  • Stress Management 
  • Self-Management
  • Time Management
  • Need for Meditation
  • Art of Meditation
  • Natural Path
For the benefit of students and faculty member’s continuous improvement and additions in the initial modules are done. Followings are the two modules which are followed now for Self Development Program.  
  • StartUp (Subdivided into 6 modules)
  • Discover (Subdivided into 10 modules)
Heartful Enabled Leadership Mastery
Discovering the personality
Healthy Lifestyle
Time Management -1
Time Management –2
Peak Performance
Befriending Stress
Situational Awareness
Heartful conversations
Heartful reltionships
  • Students liked these sessions and have given positive feedback about the entire programme. They understood the importance of discussion on topics that were covered in the programme. Many of the students have learnt meditation and they are practicing it. These students reported lack or reduction in anxiety and stress levels. Many conveyed that their tolerance/patience has increased.
  • Parents reported change in attitude of the students.
  • External examiners specifically noted calm and composed approach of students during practical exams.
  • Definite improvement in overall behavior of students is observed.
  • Teachers who conducted the programme reported substantial self-development in themselves too.

2. Earn and Learn Scheme

About Earn and Learn Scheme: ........................