Department of Computer Science

‘Computer Science’ is a broad field which encompasses all aspects of computers, including the design and application of both hardware and software. Career opportunities are diverse and are found in computer design, manufacturing, development, testing, transportation, communication, research, educational and management.


Sr. No. Title of Activity Dates Funding Agency No. of Participants
1 National NNSC Workshop on Networking June 27,  2014 College 29
2 National NNSC Workshop on Cyber Security February 10 – 11, 2016 College 44

Awards / Recognitions received by Faculty Members

Sr.No Name of Faculty Awards/Recognitions Received
1 Aniruddha Phadke      i.      100% Academic Result [2014-2015] ii.      Best Research Paper by YMT College, Kharghar [2014-15] iii.      Copyright © on the topic Set Theory using Turbo C in the field of Computer Science by Govt. of India [2015-2016] iv.      100% Academic Result [2015-2016]
2 Deepali Deshmukh i.         100% Academic Result [2014-2015] ii.      100% Academic Result [2015-2016] iii.    Award for Book Published [2016-2017]
3 Nikisha Gawand i.        100% Academic Result [2014-2015] ii.      100% Academic Result [2015-2016]
4 Manisha Abhyankar Award for Book Published [2016-2017]

Awards / Recognitions received by faculty and students

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Class Awards/Recognitions Received
2015-16 Harshada Kure F.Y.B.Sc. Nail-Art Competition Intra-College Festival Vajra
  Mayura Sonawane S.Y.B.Sc. 1st prize in Dance Competition Inter-College Fest Tech-Swift
Mayura Sonawane S.Y.B.Sc. 1st prize in Dance Competition Intra-College Festival Vajra
Bhoir Abhishek T.Y.B.Sc. 1st prize in Inter-College Competition (Manthan) by Bharti Vidyapeeth
2014-15 Bhoir  Abhishek Rajbhar Rahul S.Y.B.Sc. 3rd prize in Avishkar Research Convention by B.N.Bedekar College, Thane
Ashlesha Rai Nutan Pawar M.Sc. II 2nd prize in Indian Science Congress Project Competition by University of Mumbai