Department of English

English Department was established in 1979. The English Literature was introduced as an Ancillary subject at F.Y.B.A. In the following year, it was introduced at S.Y.B.A. T.Y.B.A with six units in 1990-91. The department always endeavors to be creative and experimental.


Sr. No. Title of Activity Dates Funding Agency No. of Participants
  1 Problems of Women Reflected in Contemporary Indian English Literature February 23, 2012 Self-financed   82
2 The Literature of Minority, Sexual and Gender Identity December 06, 2014 Self-financed   105

Awards / Recognitions received by Faculty Members

Sr. No Name of Faculty Awards/Recognitions Received
1 Prof. B.P. Pawar i.        Best Committee Chairman award by college (2013) ii.      Best Committee Chairman award by college (2015) iii.    Best Committee Chairman award by college (2016)
2 Dr. S. S. Mane i.        Publication Award by College (2016)