Course Details

Std. XI and XII - Subject Groups

Sr. No. Group I
General Science
Group II
Group III
Computer Science
Group IV
1English (01)English (01)English (01)English (01)
2Marathi/Hindi (02/04)I.T. (97)C.S.-I.(D-9)Electronics-I (C-2)
3Physics (54)Physics (54)Physics (54)Physics (54)
4Chemistry (55)Chemistry (55)Chemistry (55)Chemistry (55)
5Maths (40)Maths (40)Maths (40)Maths (40)
6Biology/Geography (56/39)Bio (56)C.S.-II (D-9)Electronics-II (C-2)
7Environment Education (31)Environment Education (31)Environment Education (31)Environment Education (31)

i) Intake Capacity for cornputer Science 150.
ii) Intake Capacity for Information Technology - 60 For commerce and 60 For science).
iii) Choice of Marathi / Hindi will be given at the time of admission itself. The Student should mention the Title of the subject clearly in the application form.
iv) XII Science students can take Geography instead of Biology.
v) Intake Capacity for Electronics is 50 Seats.
vi) Biology/ Geography : Only for Std. XII (Capacity 60-60)