Department of Commerce

An Introduction

Department of Commerce & Accountancy

The Department of Commerce& Accountancy has been a major section of College. Right from the beginning senior and reputed teachers are associated with the Department. The department has maintained a good combination of faculty of academicians and professionals. This has helped a great deal in effective implementation of the teaching program. The department takes initiatives for overall development of students and give them practical orientation to inculcate employability skills which will help them to face this competitive world. The department activities conducted are focused on imparting technical knowledge along its application in the practical world. Simultaneously personality development of students is also given priority. Due to the pandemic the year activities as well as teaching learning activities were online. Department adapted the virtual mode as well implemented various teaching learning tools to create interest in the minds of students remotely..

Careers in Commerce




Capital Market

Accounting and Taxation

Company Secretary

Cost and Work Accountant

Cost and Management Accountant


Certified Financial Planner

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Message from Head of Department

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